Fleet & Fuel Management Services
is a Fleet Management Company which operates all over the country.
We provide value added services to Fleet owners no matter how big or how small, we have a solution to meet your needs.

All our solutions has been specifically built with the fleet owner in mind. Our Solutions are designed to not only save your company costs but to improve the administration process of both fleet licensing and fine redirections according to the AARTO legislation.

We have also tried to simplify your supplier management schedule by offering a wide range of products under one supplier. We have put careful consideration into each and every product we have launched into the market looking at it from both a consumer and Fleet perspective.

As one of the leading Fleet Management Solutions suppliers in Southern Africa we pride ourselves in the Solutions we present to our customers as well as exceptional service delivery.

Solutions we offer:

Toll Management

South African E-toll or National, we assist you by ensuring that your account charges are accurate.

Licensing Management

We renew vehicle licenses on your behalf and ensure that your licensing is up to date.

Fines Management

Our Fines Management solution is done in compliance with AARTO legislation.

Driver Behaviour Management

We monitor how your employees are driving their company vehicles and distribute a daily Driver Behaviour Management Report.

BI Reporting - Tracking Database Module

Managing tracking devices and related reporting through the fleet management software solutions can take up a lot of your time.

BI Reporting - Maintenance Database Module

Maintenance of your fleet is an essential part of Fleet Management.

BI Reporting - Fuel Database Module

Fuel forms an integral part of Fleet Management and is generally the highest overhead for Fleet companies.

BI Reporting - Toll Management Module

Toll and E-toll management is a key part of your day-to-day operations and an unwanted expense.

BI Reporting - Compliance Module

Complying with statuary regulations and laws are extremely important.

Professional / Personal Security Services

We provide armed accompanying for companies that require their high value cargo to be protected.

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