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Established in 2013, FFMS Asset Management Solutions (FFMS) is a leading vehicle tracking
service supplier, aspiring to become the preferred telematics supplier in Africa. This drive
to succeed has propelled the company onwards to provide innovative solutions in vehicle
management. In its mission to simplify fleet management, FFMS provides affordable, effective
solutions designed to place clients in complete control.

FFMS Asset Management has emerged as a prominent player in the fleet and fuel management sector. The company’s overarching mission is to become South Africa’s premier vehicle tracking service provider. FFMS has positioned itself as an industry leader, dedicated to fostering growth and innovation within the industry. The innovator aims to provide customers with flexible solutions and advanced technology for an overall
great fleet experience.

The business has risen to the challenge of fulfilling customers’ evolving needs. Since its initial offering of toll management solutions, FFMS has expanded its product range to include vehicle tracking and monitoring solutions, vehicle camera solutions, license renewal services, traffic fine management services, and diesel bower management solutions.

Its vehicle surveillance systems come with free installation and a guarantee of no long-term contracts. A standard surveillance system includes 5GB of data for remote monitoring, web based software with an additional mobile app, and in-cab voice recording. The in-vehicle camera is designed to notify the client if they begin to show signs of fatigue. With mobile and web applications, users can manage their trips and remain in complete control of their vehicles.

Live diesel monitoring allows clients to track their fuel safety and accuracy. Its reliable diesel monitoring solution tracks consumption and can be used to indicate theft or leakage by notifying clients when fuel levels drop too fast. Additional hardware options include panic buttons, external switch monitoring, and two-way driver communication. FFMS has designed its diesel monitoring solution to combat ever-rising fuel costs and keep fleet and vehicle owners updated with effective and regular updates on their usage.




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The supplier prioritises excellent customer service and continuous technological advancement in telematics. These values form the foundation of FFMS Asset Management. Its unwavering focus on customer satisfaction informs the company’s decision-making processes. FFMS is dedicated to providing its clients with flexible solutions. By offering a unique month to month rental approach, the business allows customers flexibility with regards to their asset tracking needs. FFMS caters to a wide variety of industries, including transport, mining, and insurance. It aims to supply
all customers with vehicle management services to suit their individual requirements.

A recent project for FFMS involved the company designing and providing mining solutions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) that promote responsible end-to-end mining operations. The initiative aims to ensure full accountability for mined materials, assist in effective mine management, and integrate responsible practices to drive economic growth in the region.

FFMS’ objective is to simplify fleet management and asset administration for its clients. In Africa’s uncertain economic times, the company has adopted a responsible and flexible approach. This approach ensures that the business is able to remain agile in unstable climates. FFMS Asset Management is committed to providing its clients with flexible, cost-effective solutions.

In place of fixed-term contracts, FFMS offers tailored services as and when its clients require them. The business’ lack of contract periods is an industry first, demonstrating FFMS’ commitment to prioritising its customers’ needs. Through its tailored solutions, the company aims to empower businesses to effectively navigate the fluctuating economy.

Aiming to cultivate a strong internal culture, FFMS advocates for continuous improvement and staff empowerment. It is dedicated to upskilling and training its staff, ensuring employees understand why clients come first. The result is a highly skilled workforce capable of delivering exceptional customer service.

By emphasising the wellbeing of its staff, the company secures its place as an industry leader. Investing in staff and fostering a positive work environment has been proven to increase productivity, improve employee engagement, and increase retention. FFMS recently appointed a dedicated cafeteria chef to provide healthy meals and plans to open an onsite gymnasium. The business has introduced these initiatives to contribute to staff satisfaction, ensuring FFMS attracts and retains only the highest quality employees.

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The company is unique in its offerings of month-to-month solutions, free installation, and its expansive range of services, including fleet licensing and administrative solutions. Its license-managing solution ensures fleet and vehicle licensing are always kept up to date. FFMS distributes monthly renewal reports, license costing, and vehicle roadworthy information straight to clients’ doors. The service can be implemented as a standalone solution or as part of a client’s complete fleet or vehicle management solution. 

 FFMS is passionate about enacting positive change and is serious about its role in sustainability and social responsibility. The supplier collaborates with local schools and community initiatives, engaging in fundraising events and sports team sponsorships. FFMS is committed to supporting the local community and investing in future generations. 

The business is dedicated to consistently innovating its technology and tailoring solutions for the benefit of its clientele. Its distinctive business approach has led the company to decrease its subscription fees due to technological advancements. The company is proud to be able to pass on these savings to its customers, demonstrating its client-centric ethos. In the near future, FFMS aims to introduce its tailored solutions to a broader audience, expanding its operations to the American and European markets. 

 Throughout its evolution, FFMS has remained steadfast in its mission to fulfil clients’ requirements with flexible, innovative solutions. The company continues to prioritise its clients with a customer-focused approach and serve the community through its responsible practices. FFMS Asset Management remains committed to its mission to foster growth and innovation in the f leet and fuel management sector.

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