MEA African Excellence Awards 2023
Best Vehicle Tracking & Camera Solutions Provider 2023 - South Africa

FFMS Asset Management Solutions (FFMS) has risen to become a leading force in the realm of fleet and fuel management. The company has achieved great success thanks to its unique offerings, strategic approach to talent, and mission to empower businesses through flexible solutions. As FFMS expands its footprint beyond Africa, its journey reflects a pledge to achieve excellence in vehicle management on a global scale.

Created in 2013, and renamed in 2017, FFMS Asset Management Solutions has emerged as a prominent player in the dynamic sector of fleet and fuel management. From its very beginning, Fleet and Fuel Management Services PTY LTD embarked on a mission to become South Africa’s premier vehicle tracking service provider. This excellence has propelled FFMS into a leadership position, fostering growth and innovation across multiple sectors.

Since its inception, FFMS has undergone a transformative journey, aligning its offerings with evolving customer needs. Originating with toll management solutions, the company swiftly broadened its portfolio to encompass various services tailored to the vehicle management requirements of diverse industries. These services include vehicle tracking and monitoring solutions, vehicle camera technology, license renewal services, traffic exemplary management, and diesel bowser management solutions, showcasing FFMS’ adaptability to the ever-changing demands of its clientele.




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FFMS caters to a wide range of industries, including transport, mining, and insurance, underscoring its desire to address the vehicle management needs of various businesses.

Central to FFMS’ operations are exceptional customer service and continuous technological advancement in telematics. These values permeate the company’s day-to-day functioning, with an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction driving decision-making processes. Notably, FFMS’ dedication to delivering flexible solutions is a cornerstone. By offering month-to-month solutions, the company ensures clients have the flexibility to navigate the complex world of fleet management.

FFMS is also making significant strides beyond business operations. The company is engaged in an innovative endeavour in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), designing and implementing mining solutions that promote responsible end-to-end mining operations. This initiative aims to ensure full accountability for mined minerals, contributing to effective mineral management and fostering responsible mining practices that drive economic growth in the region.

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Contributing to its success, FFMS’ mission statement encapsulates its dedication to simplifying fleet management and asset administration for clients. In the face of Africa’s current economic uncertainties, the company’s approach aligns seamlessly. By providing clients with solutions tailored to their specific needs and durations, FFMS seeks to empower businesses to navigate economic fluctuations effectively.

Though regulatory challenges are relatively subdued, FFMS acknowledges the uncertainty inherent in the corporate landscape. This awareness has driven the company to adopt a responsive and flexible approach to its offerings. This adaptability ensures that FFMS remains agile and capable of addressing the unpredictable nature of the industry.

FFMS’ internal culture is committed to continuous improvement and staff empowerment. The company invests substantially in the training and upskilling its employees, focusing on instilling a comprehensive understanding of the “why” behind their roles. This approach has resulted in a skilled workforce aligned with the company’s ethos of delivering exceptional service.

Hiring at FFMS is characterised by strategically placing the right individuals in the right positions. The company recognises the value of a content and motivated workforce and has implemented initiatives such as an in-house chef providing healthy meals and plans for an onsite gymnasium. These measures contribute to staff satisfaction and well-being, ensuring that FFMS attracts and retains the best talent in the region.

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Several unique selling points underscore FFMS’ competitive edge. The offering of month-to-month solutions, free installation, and a comprehensive suite of services, including fleet licensing and administrative solutions, sets the company apart. Furthermore, FFMS takes its role in sustainability and social responsibility seriously, actively engaging with local schools and community initiatives to invest in future generations and promote lasting growth.

FFMS’s outlook is one of optimism and growth. The company’s unwavering approach to advancing technology and its distinctive business approach positions it well for the future. Notably, FFMS has maintained subscription fees for the last four years and even decreased them due to technological advancements. This dedication to passing on savings to clients demonstrates FFMS’s client-centric ethos.

As the company charts its path ahead, it envisions expansion into the American and European markets. This bold move attests to its ambition to extend its impact beyond Africa, introducing its unique solutions to a global audience.

Ultimately, FFMS Asset Management Solutions is a beacon of adaptability, customer-focused service, and responsible growth in a corporate world of change and innovation. As the journey continues, FFMS remains committed to driving excellence in fleet and fuel management in Africa and worldwide.

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